After you spend a considerable amount of money on your new car, you want to spice it up a bit to make it truly stand out among all of the other people who bought the same car. Here are some ways to customize and modify your vehicle to fit your lifestyle.   

Tinted windows

If you want something that's stylish and practical, opt for window tinting. The darker shade will protect you from the sun and will have people wondering who's behind the wheel. Be sure to check state laws to see what tint grade is acceptable before making any decisions.   

Sound system

Sometimes you choose a car that checks all the boxes except one - the sound system. Plenty of cars come with premium systems from brands like Bose® or harman kardon®, but if yours came with a standard system, try upgrading it. You might even be able to upgrade the system at the time of purchase, too!   

Wheels and rims

Some big wheels on shiny rims can truly make a statement when you roll down the street in your new ride. Most cars come with standard tires and hubcaps. But you can go beyond that with low-profile tires and chrome-clad spinners to add some extra style to your vehicle.

Exterior mods

If you're a traveler or like hiking or biking, there are plenty of options to modify your vehicle's exterior to accommodate that lifestyle. Roof racks and bike racks let you store larger items like canoes, kayaks, and bikes on top of or behind your vehicle. Meanwhile, most trucks have a variety of bed enhancements with covers, toolboxes, lighting, and even in-bed tents.   

Interior gadgets

Little accessories in your vehicle's cabin can make a world of difference. A steering wheel cover or seat covers can make your interior look brand new. Custom floor mats protect the interior while upgrading the style. Or try an ambient LED lighting system that you can easily install to create a supremely cool feel whenever you step inside.   

At Mike Raisor Auto Group, we understand that you want the perfect car for your life. Stop by and see us, and we'll work endlessly to help you find your next new vehicle.

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