Travelling with Pets (Dos and Don'ts)

Summer road trips can be fun, and even more fun when you bring your dog along for the ride. But, before you hit the road in your Mike Raisor Chevrolet, be sure to take these tips about travelling with pets with you.


Keep Pets Secure

Just like you need a seatbelt when you're in the car, your pets need to be secured as well. There are a few different ways to help your dog stay safe while they're riding in the car, like specific harness and belt sets that attach to your vehicles' seat belt buckles. You can also invest in a seat a cover that functions as a hammock, which keeps your dog contained to the rear seat.

Pack a Doggy Travel Bag

Just as you would pack a bag for yourself, you need to pack a bag for your dog, too. Some things to include in a dog's travel bag are: a first aid kit, extra food, food and water bowls, toys, treats, and anything else they might need on the road. Keep it somewhere convenient in your vehicle, so that you (or your passenger) can grab it easily if needed.


Never Leave Your Dog in the Car

This might seem obvious, but never leave your dog in your car. On hot days, temperatures can rise very quickly inside your car, so make sure that your bathroom trips are as quick as possible, and go through drive-thrus if stopping for food. If you do have to leave your dog to go the bathroom, keep the car running with the air cranked, and lock it. If you can't do this with your car, at least leave the windows down enough for ventilation.

Feed On-the-Go

Stick to feeding your pet a few hours before the trip, and if you need to, along the trip only when you're stopped. Never feed your dog while the car is moving, as this can cause them to have an upset stomach and possibly get sick.

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