When you have an emergency on the road, it can be unnerving. But if you stay prepared, you'll be able to handle nearly any situation that comes up. Here are some tips on what to keep in your car at all times - some that you might have never thought of.

Duct Tape

While this might sound silly, duct tape and WD-40 are two things that can come in handy in desperate situations. While it's not a permanent fix, duct tape can help secure things if you have to drive to pull off the highway or drive to the mechanic.

Energy Bars

Energy bars are a great way to stock up on calories. These are perfect to keep in the car for road trips or to always keep in the car in case you get stuck somewhere or stranded in traffic without food. The nice thing about energy bars is that you can typically find brands that won't spoil if left in the car.

Seat Belt Cutter and Window Breaker

This tool can literally be a lifesaver, and it currently only costs a few dollars on Amazon. It does exactly what it says it does - it can break glass if you're in an emergency situation or it can get a seat belt off of someone who might be stuck. Be sure to keep this somewhere inside your car (not in the trunk) like the glove compartment.

Plastic or Paper Bags

Why not put those plastic and paper bags from the grocery store to good use? Keep them in your car in the middle compartment or somewhere where you can easily grab them. Use these as impromptu trash bags when you have unexpected trash.

Reflective Triangle

While this might not be something that you typically keep in your car, it's good to have on hand, especially if you have to pull over for any reason. Placing a reflective triangle behind your car will help alert other drivers that you're on the side of the road and will keep you safer.

Contact us at Mike Raisor Auto Group for more ideas on how to stay safe on the road. Or stop by, to test-drive one of our shiny new 2019 models with the latest protective technology.

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